Our Farmers:

Many of the ingredients for our menu are grown by the students at Seeds of Independence.
What we can't source from them, we source from other local farms & farmers.

Collaboration between New Beet Market and our growers & farmers provides a more predictable and sustainable business outlet
for local produce and protein – a true win-win!

Our Primary Suppliers:

The Market Garden

Located in New Beet's front yard, the Market Garden is a vegetable and herb garden run by the youth at Seeds of Independence. The Garden is a key component in Seed's mission, to ensure that youth are on a pathway toward becoming independent and productive members of their community. The Garden provides the herbs and some of the produce featured on our menu, and will encompass the backdrop to our summer picnic seating area.

HCA Community Farm

The HCA Community Farm is a diversified, student-run fruit and vegetable farm and agricultural incubator on Route 123 in Harpswell. HCA students, under the guidance of Farm Manager Henry Gilbert, are responsible for planning, planting, harvesting, and marketing all of the farms’ products. The farm also operates as an agricultural business incubator for student-entrepreneurs.